What Kind of Dog is That?

by Mary Lou Tingley

Those of us who own Briards have heard the question many times. For those of you who are asking the question--here are the answers:

The Briard puppy is the kind of dog who:

  • Will cost you $800-$1500 to purchase and thousands more in crate, toys, shots, food, neutering, licensing, basic medical care, obedience classes, etc.

  • Will regularly piddle or worse on your floor until housebroken, and possibly again in his geriatric years.

  • Will require a bare bones minimum of 55 hours socialization before his first birthday, and at least 80 hours of puppy kindergarten and obedience training.

  • Will destroy one of more shoes, socks, toys, pillows, rugs, etc.

Over his lifetime he is the kind of dog who:
  • Will require a minimum of 1,248 hours of grooming and fill over 500 bags with hair.

  • Will eat an average of 17,520 cups of kibble and deposit about 8,760 packages in your yard for you to pick up and dispose of.

  • Will drink approximately 8,760 quarts of water and will dribble it on your clothes, across the coffee table and the least waterproof items on that table.

  • Will deposit copious hair on your clothes, furniture, rugs and friends.

  • Will bring into your home: tree blossoms and pollen in Spring, grass clippings in Summer, leaves in Autumn, snow in Winter, as well as mud and various types of debris all year long. He is most generous with his bounty 5 minutes before your guests arrive.

If you, your family, and your home can commit to this lifestyle, he will reward you with an average 105,120 of unconditional love and devotion.

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