About the Atlantic States Briard Club (ASBC)

In 1975 about 20 Briard fanciers on the East Coast formed a club called the Yankee Briard Club. The name was changed to the Atlantic States Briard Club and incorporated under that name in 1979. At the present time we have 100 members.

We share a dedication to the betterment of the breed in every aspect and the common interests of showing, herding and training of Briards. We believe in bettering the health of our dogs through health clinics and informative articles in our publication Le Magazine.

We are a member club of the Briard Club of America.

We network with breeders, exhibitors and other Briard clubs to keep up to date on all aspects of the breed.

We run all-breed CGC tests and put on matches; show handling, judges and training seminars; bathing and grooming demonstrations.

We host the Briard Club of America Regional Specialty at the Harrisburg Kennel Club show in April.

We support various animal interest charities such as the AKC Canine Health Foundation, the Morris Animal Foundation and others, as provided by our constitution.

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